Guest info

Guest info

Guest info

Find here all of the additional information you may need on the day.
Where to stay
Honeymoon fund

You can find directions to the venue using this link:

Wedding venue

The venue is within Uber distance from home for most people.
To give an idea, from Whitley Bay Uber says £25-£35 depending on the size of the car.
​If you would prefer to stay at the hotel, please let us know as they will offer a wedding party discount.
​The hotel has a gym, pool, golf course for people who do fancy staying.

You won’t be surprised to find out that we would like to return to Japan for our honeymoon.

If you would like to contribute towards that, we will have a gift box to put any cards (not of the credit variety) or money into.

​If you would prefer to do a bank transfer, we can provide our bank details, too.

If you have not yet confirmed your attendance, don’t forget to do so before 30 November 2022.