Our Story

A random encounter

A random encounter 9 years ago in London… In a pub! How original! A few beers in and the conversation was flowing in a more than basic English. That’s how it all began!
After a little time, Fanny taught Iain everything about the French language. He could finally… count to 5.
A much needed visit to France was in order to improve that! We decided to move to France for 10 months. Not quite Paris, but the next best thing: Savigny-Sur-Orge.
From there, we caught a bit of a bug; the travel bug!
A short pitstop in the Land Down Under, a tour of Thailand and then a mosey around the Land of the Rising Sun, until finally stopping in the North Pole. Oops sorry, the North East of England, Newcastle.
At this point, it seemed that we weren’t quite done with Japan, so we went back for a year. Getting that out of our system was perfect before settling down in the wonderful Whitley Bay.
We’ve been here for 2 years now and love the 10ºC sea.